Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome to the site!

Hi all!

After years of playing, I thought it might be smart to have some kind of web presence that people can access should they want some Matt Eder information, so welcome and I hope you enjoy hangin' here for a bit!

I've been playing drums and singing (background and lead) professionally since the late 1980s.  I've studied music at Mt. San Antonio College, Cal State Fullerton, and UCLA.  In college I've performed in stage shows and with jazz bands.  In 1986 I became a staff percussionist for the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, where I also branched into the Audio Engineering/Stage Technician fields, where I continue my work.  But I am also continuing my musician work with the company in Disney's new Soundsational Parade (which began in May 2011).  I am both a member of IATSE local 504, and the AFM local 7.   Outside of this I've also held the position of staff percussionist/performance coach for the choral programs of Nogales High School, Diamond Bar High School, and Brea-Olinda High School over the last 25 years.

Also during the early '90s to the new millenium, I got a little sidetracked into MIDI and electronic percussion.  I did alot of MIDI sequencing utilizing MOTU's Performer software sequencer on my Macintosh, and even used a Roland Octapad II and a R5 Rhythm Composer for gigs.  I delved deeper into it after seeing "Future Man" Wooten with Bela Fleck and bought hook-line-and-sinker into the Zendrum (gasp!).  I've gotten all of that out of my system now and only play acoustics.  I was getting tired of people knowing me as "that guy who played that weird-guitar-thing" rather than the acoustic drums I studied most of my life learning (and still learning) how to play!

Alot of what I've done has usually involved mercenary work - getting called in to reading something for a performance with little or no rehearsal.  I've been involved with bands, but outside of college and Disneyland, most reading has been done by reading either the piano parts or the lead trumpet parts.  Usually my ears get the biggest workout when playing on casuals and weddings - my role is basically to be the glue of the band and to provide a good groove for the dancers and the band members!

My current gear:

Although I've owned most big-name drums brands over my career, after having owned a Tama Superstar from 1984 (and subsequently jumping around to DW, Ludwig, Gretsch, Pearl, Yamaha, Sonor, etc.,....) since 2010 I've 'come home' to Tama Starclassic Bubinga Elite drums.  I've never needed more than five drums and a couple of cymbals, (every time I used more drums and cymbals, I tended to sound like a kid banging on drums at the local Guitar Center).  I don't even play a double bass drum pedal - I wish I could, but for me it was something that got in the way of my groove.  So if you're looking for a fluent double-bass player, that's not me.  Here's my lineup:

18x20 bass drum
6.5x10 and 7x12 Hyperdrive rack toms
15x16 floor tom
5x14 Tama Stewart Copeland chrome-over-brass snare (heavy, but lovely!)


A Zildjian 14" hi-hats (New Beats or Quick Beats - depending on what sounds better for a particular project)
A Zildjian 18" thin crash
K Zildjian 20" K Custom Dark Ride
Note:  although I change drums like clothes, I've owned these cymbals now for over 20 years!  Wow.


A mix of Tama and Pearl (I really like the big rubber feet of the Pearl cymbal stands - call me vain)

And now, onto some playing examples....

Obviously, the reason for this site is to attract potential employers or like-minded players for projects, bands, or special events.  So following are a few videos of some of my playing.  Please feel free to comment - I love getting feedback.  Hope to hear from you!

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  1. Matt, You are obviously a very skilled drummer. you play with a technique very remenisent of Steve Gadd. Congrats on this new site. Not too many musicains I know sing as well as you, let alone while playing the drums! Nice Job! Good luck in your future musical endeavors.
    ~ Mike (a.k.a. TimeBandit)